“Leaping” to help those who can’t

logo-leaps-of-love The CdLS Foundation is excited to introduce its newest, and by far cutest, fundraising event to date: Leaps of Love, a Valentine’s Day-inspired program for little kids. The event takes place this February in child care centers and elementary schools (suitable for grades K – 2) across the country. 

Children “leap” to raise funds to benefit individuals with CdLS (many of whom cannot leap themselves). They also participate in an art activity and learn about the syndrome through Leaps of Love for Emma, a story booklet about a little girl with CdLS and a hole in her heart.

Here’s how it works:

Participating child care centers/schools request a Leaps of Love kit,  complete with pledge forms, letters to parents, the story about Emma, and materials to make heart cards.  (The cards can be sent to Emma if there is not a child with CdLS in the center’s community.)

Children collect pledges for the number of leaps they complete in one minute. Although Valentine’s Day-inspired, the event can take place any time in February. Of course, fundraising efforts won’t go unrecognized. Each child who raises $100 or more gets a t-shirt. The center or school that raises the most overall, wins a $250 gift card to Barnes & Noble.

This is a great, interactive event that gets kids moving, teaches them about CdLS and helps them understand the importance of helping others.

Help us spread the word and get this event off to a great start. If you have a “little leaper” in elementary school or day care, or can contact a center or school in your area, please contact outreach@CdLSusa.org  for an infomation sheet you can share . And be sure to check out our Leaps of Love Web page. –JS


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